Thursday, April 17, 2008

In Which "Flat Stanley" Joins The Adventure

My name is Flat Stanley. I haven't always been Flat Stanley. One day while I was getting ready to go on a trip, a bulletin board fell on me and smashed me flat. I didn't get hurt but sure got flat! So my parents folded me up and placed me in an envelope and mailed me to our friends house in California. Since then, I have traveled all over the world.
Recently, I arrived in Miss Edwards' first grade class. A nice boy named Seth decided to send me to Miss Edwards' parents so they could take me on an adventure in their cool little Mini Cooper. Being flat came in real handy for someone sitting in the back seat!
Our first stop was J Dawgs to load up on some awesome food... this was going to be a long trip!
Then it was off to Yellowstone National Park to see "Old Faithful"... We got there just in time to see it spray!

Then we went east to Mt. Rushmore National Monument. One of the Presidents looked a lot like me... I know there was a President who thought he was a rock star... but, was there a President named Rock Stanley?
From South Dakota, we went to Illinois to see a squash festival. I was elected the "Pumpkin King"... I can't imagine why, can you?
Next, I got to go to West Point Military Academy in New York. This is where Miss Edwards' mom was born and it was really awesome!

Next, I got to go to a very special place in Kentucky called Bardstown. This place is very special to Miss Edwards... you will have to ask her why.

In Louisville, Kentucky, I went to the "Louisville Slugger" bat factory. I got to try my like luck with one of "Babe's" bats... I look pretty good in that uniform, don't you think?

Next we drove all the way to Texas where Miss Edwards' dad was born along with another very important Texan!
This is a photo of me and Miss Edwards' mom standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon... I sure am glad it was not a windy day!

On our way back home we stopped at Crater Lake National Park. It was almost dark and it was very cold but it was very beautiful.

Then it was on to Mount Hood. It was a very sunny day on the mountain and lots of people were snowboarding and skiing.

Miss Edwards' dad said she would like this one because he loves her "to the moon and back". This was one of the best parts of my adventure!

When I got back, I got to get my picture taken with Neil Armstrong... the first man on the moon!
When we got home, I got to go to a BYU Baseball game. Here I am standing with Coach Law.

After all this traveling, we got real hungry so we stopped at Izzy's for a pizza... my favorite food... can you guess why?

Then it was on to Miss Edwards' grandma's house. She was very nice to me and I liked her a lot!

Out in her backyard, there was a horse. I kept my distance because he looked hungry.

Grandma has a huge backyard and I got to mow it with this awesome John Deere!

On the way back to Miss Edwards' parents house, I asked If I could see where Miss Edwards went to first grade. This is me standing in front of the school with her mom.

Before I was folded and put back in the mailbox, Miss Edwards' mom asked me if there was anywhere else I would like to go? I told her that Miss Edwards had told me to go to a very special place before I come back to school... so...

We went to Multnomah Falls in the Columbia Gorge. It is over 600 feet tall! I knew there was one more thing I needed to do before we went home...

Yep! That is me up on that bridge!

Well it has been an awesome adventure. I will see all y'all back in school (I learned that in Kentucky!)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nikon D200's Rock My Face Off!

I found an awesome used lens today! An old school Tamron SP 200-500mm with an optically matched doubler! This is some good glass! I set the tripod up and took this quick shot at 1000mm (1500mm effective) 1/80 sec at f11, ISO 1000. I think I am going to have some fun with this one... and oh yeah, NO MORE LENS ENVY!

After I get everything that I want, I will post the awesome photo store where I found this lens!