Saturday, September 19, 2009

J Dawgs VIP Opening Is A Huge Success!

A local Provo icon gave way to progress tonight as the J Dawgs "Shack" served its last dawgs (for now) and the new J Dawgs World Headquarters opened its doors for a VIP opening to test the new digs before the grand opening tomorrow (Saturday, September 19).

A beautiful sunset reflected off the shack and the Wasatch Mountains in the background and provided a fitting benediction for the shack. Many regulars enjoyed their usual spots on the lawn or out back of the shack, as they contemplated the move to the new building just a few feet south of the old shack.

As Jayson's sister (our daughter) Joy closed up the shack for the last time (with tears in her eyes), J Dawg was serving his mother, the keeper of the "Special Sauce" secret recipe, the first official dawg!

Hundreds of J Dawgs fans reminisced about the past and the future as they ate and drank what seemed like an endless supply of dwags and soda! It was a fantastic time and Deb and I are so proud of Jayson and Heidi and wish them more continued success in the new restaurant!

Here is a few of the hundreds of photos that were taken of the event (without commentary at this time... it is very early in the morning and I need to go to bed.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

J Dawgs World Headquarters Is Finished!

"J Dawg" and "Stubbs" proudly displaying the final occupancy permit that they obtained at precisely 7:11 pm on Wednesday evening. This paved the way for the opening of the new headquarters restaurant on Saturday, September 19th.

They have been working on this place since January, and after a lot of "sweat equity" it is ready for prime time!

As can be seen by the photo, it is located about 50 ft south of the original, and beloved "Shack" on the south side of the BYU campus in Provo at 858 N 700 E.

If you want the best dawg west of the East Coast, come on down and check them out... they are truly amazing... Mom and Dad's buttons are bustin'!