Monday, September 21, 2009

Like A Kid In A Candy Store!

Just when I thought my life could not get any better, my son Jayson invites me to help him cater at the BYU Cougar Days Tournament. It was held at the Riverside Country Club in Provo and was for BYU Alumni that have gone on to play in the PGA.

This in and of itself was awesome, considering some of the guys that were there, but one in particular made my day! Billy Casper was meetin' and greetin' on the 18th tee all afternoon, which was right next to us... but I will get to him in a minute...

Johnny Miller getting a quick bite before heading out...

The 2nd most famous Edwards in Provo, Lavell, grabs his first J Dawg of the day...

Jason Hargett, who hit the million dollar hole-in-one a few days ago at the Mark Eaton Celebrity Classic, was a popular guy today... you can see his shot here:

Todd Miller, Johnny's son and friend of J Dawg as he made the turn...

But the highlight of the day was Billy Casper!
Jayson introduced himself and then introduced me, telling him that he was my childhood sports hero. Billy was the first famous person I ever met and the fact that he was a Mormon made it even better for me...
It happened 41 years ago when I was 12 years old. Billy came to Portland to play in a tournament (that I was caddying for) and was asked to speak at a youth fireside at the Portland West Hills Stake House.
After the fireside, Billy took time to shake hands with every kid there.. it was awesome. I have never forgotten it... Jayson, knowing this story, wanted to make sure I got to meet him again today!
Billy made me feel like an old friend today... just like he did when I was 12 years old!
Jayson asked him if he would sign some balls that he brought and Billy asked if one of them was for his dad?
When he said "Yes", Billy pulled a special ball from his pocket and said that he wanted me to have it instead!
It was a ball stamped with the number "51" (representing the number of PGA championships that he has won)... he signed it for me and then asked me to pose for a picture with him!
It doesn't get any better than this, friends... except when he signed my hat!

I watched Billy all afternoon and he was the most gracious gentleman in the house! He took time to make everyone, young and old, feel like they were his best friend... It was amazing!
Thanks for making my day Brother Casper!

All Star baseball great and J Dawg regular, Wally Joyner, grabs a Dawg before hitting the 18th...

Billy working his magic with Wally...

Some last minute pointers...

I presented Billy with his very first J Dawg... He lives right here in Springville about 5 minutes away from Jayson... I bet he becomes a regular!

Lavell worked up an appetite for his second J Dawg before 18...

Now that is true J Dawg slammin' style!

While he enjoyed his dawg, Lavell talked game with Masters Champion Mike Weir...

Lavell teeing off on 18...

How did I do, Billy?

You did great, my friend! (He really did!)

Billy took the time for a photo shoot with every fivesome that played through today!
Thanks Jayson for allowing me to have such a great day!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

J Dawgs VIP Opening Is A Huge Success!

A local Provo icon gave way to progress tonight as the J Dawgs "Shack" served its last dawgs (for now) and the new J Dawgs World Headquarters opened its doors for a VIP opening to test the new digs before the grand opening tomorrow (Saturday, September 19).

A beautiful sunset reflected off the shack and the Wasatch Mountains in the background and provided a fitting benediction for the shack. Many regulars enjoyed their usual spots on the lawn or out back of the shack, as they contemplated the move to the new building just a few feet south of the old shack.

As Jayson's sister (our daughter) Joy closed up the shack for the last time (with tears in her eyes), J Dawg was serving his mother, the keeper of the "Special Sauce" secret recipe, the first official dawg!

Hundreds of J Dawgs fans reminisced about the past and the future as they ate and drank what seemed like an endless supply of dwags and soda! It was a fantastic time and Deb and I are so proud of Jayson and Heidi and wish them more continued success in the new restaurant!

Here is a few of the hundreds of photos that were taken of the event (without commentary at this time... it is very early in the morning and I need to go to bed.