Saturday, June 14, 2008

"...To Be A Dad"

By Kathryn Kay Edwards

That day, my brother went to work, it was nothing new at all.
I went about my normal day until I got the call.

My heart was pounding in my chest as I listened through the phone,
"Your brother's been in an accident and might not be coming home."

My eyes soon filled with tears as thoughts went racing by,
I closed my eyes and dropped the phone and prayed he wouldn't die.

I rushed up to the hospital, I had to get there fast,
My brother's condition was unknown, who knew how long he'd last.

The doctor did not lie to us, he said he might not live,
But in my heart I knew he would, he had so much to give.

I walked down the hall of the ICU, the air smelled of stale breath,
The darkness and the gloominess reminded me of death.

I came upon my brother's room where he was lying in bed,
I took one little look at him and thought that he was dead.

There were tubes connected everywhere, there was blood upon his face,
I wanted him to be awake so that we could both embrace.

It all seemed like a nightmare, a terrible, horrible, dream,
But when I realized it wasn't, I just wanted to scream.

Sometimes that moment haunts me, although it was long ago,
What would I have done if he had died? No one will ever know.

Today, my brother is doing fine, his life has just begun,
He is now happily married and was just blessed with a son.

My brother could have died that day, but he lived and I am glad.
He needed to be here for some reason, perhaps, to be a dad.

Copyright 2002, Katy Kay Edwards

Katy wrote this powerful and inspiring poem in the 8th grade
shortly after her nephew Ammon was born. It recounts that terrible
day in 1999, when Brandyn left us for awhile before God graciously
gave him back. He now has three sons and he continues to bless our lives. Happy Father's Day, Brando. We love you... and Ryan and Jayson also.
Thanks to all my children for making me a blessed father!